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Hello and Welcome!


Sages ♣


Rynen ♠


Orian ♦

The Dragon Society Forums Are Live!

Feel free to mix and mingle.
As the Houses have now been decided we are working on entrance exams for each House.
If you're new to the Society how about a message at the Sign Post to share a bit about yourself?

The Will of Force Hand Gesture

Use the pointer finger (next to the thumb) and point down.
Bring your thumb over and meet the point finger at the first joint; spread your other fingers out.
The keyword is "one" and passcode is "three;" begin both lines with your keyword/passcode.

Are you bored? Looking for something to do?

Once you choose your House a whole world of possibilities open up.
Click the link above and find out what opportunities exist for you.
Lots of useful guides and resources.

Are you looking for a sense of style?

The 3 Expressions (Green, Black, White) can help you create some very nice clothing choices.
To help with society norms leather and tan (khaki) is often used as accent colors.
The moment you start to see other Dragons in society you will immediately resonate.

A single icon: ▼

The Focus Device or "Device" is the only icon that the Society uses (to identify itself.)
It's UTF-8 representation is "▼" and is essentially an inverted triangle filled in.
It has many purposes and uses.

Are you looking for some direction in your life?

There's a lot of opportunity for growth within the Society.
We have 3 excellent paths of life for you to choose from and to identify with.
Each path of life has its own Orders and Disciplines to follow and they really help to bring about a better life.

The Manifesto

The Dragon Society establishes 3 Expressions:
  The Green Expression; Representing Entertainment, the Force, and Life.
  The Black Expression; Representing Action, Purpose, and Secrets.
  The White Expression; Representing Development, Technology, and Truth.
The Dragon Society establishes 3 Houses:
  The House of Sages; The Sages Communicate, Empower, and Entertain.
  The House of Rynen; The Rynen Protect, Provide, and Sustain.
  The House of Orian; The Orian Analyze, Develop, and Research.
The Dragon Society establishes The Code:
  The Force is flowing, binding, and guiding; The Force is Light and Dark.
  My will is focused; My actions are precise, My thoughts are elaborate.
  Every member is a Dragon; Every Dragon is a member of a House; Every House is its own entity.
The Society shall prevail, the Force is my witness.